Twinkle Tush: a Jewel That Covers Your Cat’s Butt

The Twinkle Tush is essentially a little necklace that you can wrap around the base of your cats tail that has a little jewel that hangs off it to cover your cat’s butthole. What’s worse than having some people over only to have your cat walk out in the room flaunting it’s uncovered butthole all over the house? As your guests see your cats anus, your mother faints to the floor and your grandmother gasps in horror. If only there were a better way… Simply put the butthole necklace over your cat’s tail and the shame your cat walks around with will be hidden from view! The only problem: when cat goes to take a dump, you’re going to end up with a butt bling full of poop.

In case you are wondering, the Twinkle Tush is a real product, and although it’s probably just a gag-gift, we are sure someone out there will be weird enough to use it for real. You can get in on Amazon, however currently it seems to be sold out. Apparently a lot of people are blinging up their cat butts and the manufacturer can’t keep up with orders.

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