This Twitter Account Shows The Worst Crimes Against Food

1: YUCK.

2: “IT’S A TRAP!” – probably from Hawa’ii or Guam, sadly.

3: I’d try that, once.

4: Might not be so bad, but it might be too ‘heavy’ to be bearable.

5: Hell, why not? Seems like more of a show-piece, though.

6: Ah, a ‘Roach-Coach Special!” I’ve probably had a few things like this in my time; in no hurry for more.

7: Who the hell thought “chicken and waffles” was a good combination to start with??? Can’t be any worse, I suppose.

8: This is an abomination. I hope an angry samurai shows up to wherever-this-is and shuts it all down at swordpoint.

9: I’ve had peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches that weren’t bad, but…pie? I guess I’d try a slice, no promises I’d finish.

10: I’m just amazed they’re displaying that on their shelves; it *can’t* be good for business!

11: This must be staged BS, it’s gotta be…right???

12: I would’ve been grateful for this at the Siege of Leningrad…but that’s about it.

13: I don’t care if you DO like brisket, this is just gross.

14: This *might* be edible, but mostly it’s just pathetic.

15: Resourceful, and high marks for presentation! I’d try it.

16: Ew. Not necessary. Pickles really belong with other savory things.

17: EWWWW NO! Pity any poor bastard who’d have to subsist on such a thing.

18: Heyhey, how much more Japanese can you get!?! I’d try this in a heartbeat.

19: What kind of pitiful soul long-since forsaken by god and man is the target audience for THIS…?

20: Why eat it when I could force-feed it to a vampire?!?

21: Sweet Sue, you horrible monster. The fact that I can imagine it jiggling as it’s shaken out of the can, and the *plop* noise it makes when it finally comes out, does not help.