The Origins of Elon Musk’s Greatness

And both are despicable.

Musk ain’t no better than his dad.
The whole Tesla thing claims to be the saviour due to being fully electric, while: the cars sometimes self ignite the battery, burning hundreds of kg lithium. Then shooting a Tesla into space, just for fun and advertisement, which did produce as much CO2 pollution as 100 million Volkswagen diesel cars weren’t able to produce in 10 years. And then adding space tourism in which each single lift off did produce more co2 into the atmosphere then 10 intercontinental flights, that transports several hundred people and even more packages over the globe… And even worse: produces CO2 into the most upper layers of our atmosphere, where it creates hundredfold the damage than co2 released at 10km above ground (the flight height of intercontinental flights).
Oh yes… And don’t forget about his 10000 satellites… That did not just polute the atmosphere, but also the night sky and thus a lot of important research…..
In the end, while some idiots praise the guy for the whole Tesla crap, Elon musk is responsible for more co2 pollution than most countries! I’m the world