Thanks, Santa!

Hi, my name is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
Hi folks, just want to thank you for your generous donations for my
re-election and legal defence funds. I had to draw out a few bucks
to cover utility bills for the Mar-A-Lago property, and gym classes for
the little wifey. A buck doesn’t seem to go far these days. That is Biden’s
fault. When I take over again there will be tax cuts for all of us especially
the people who have supported me.
That she wolf in Manhattan is beginning to piss me off, some of the things
she has implied directly challenges my business ethics, without ethics
where would I stand among my peers. Actually I have no peers, I am miles
ahead of everyone.
Well, once again thanks, and keep those donations flowing, Big Daddy needs
a new attorney who knows civil law really really well.