Serama Chicken Breed: The Most Pompous Chickens Ever

Serama chickens are the smallest in the world, but you really couldn’t tell by their attitude. Seeing them pose with their head pulled back and chest sticking out, you’d think they were some kind of feathered bodybuilders.

This chicken breed can be traced back all the way to the 1600s, to the Kelantan province of Malaysia, but the current strain can be attributed to Wee Yean Een, a breeder who popularized it during the 1970s and even gave the chicken the Serama name, after King Rama of Thailand.

Nowadays the Serama chicken breed is flourishing, especially in Asian countries like Vietnam, where chicken enthusiasts breed them for posing competitions, where the chickens try to look as pompous as possible. It actually comes natural to them, as they are known as the athletes of the chicken world, because of their extremely proud pose.

Serama chickens have a muscular body, but their toned physique is visually amplified by their athletic pose. They instinctively cock their head back and push their large chest out, while lifting their the legs and shaking their wings. It’s like they are trying to make up for their small size with their posing. These tiny athletes may try their best to look threatening, but they are not aggressive at all, and make great pets. They are easy to handle and cheap to raise, as they consume only about one pound of regular chicken feed each month.

Photos by Ernest Goh who is known for his work photographing wildlife and other animals, including the unusual world of chicken beauty pageants in Malaysia.

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