Russian Invasion In Ukraine Explained With GIFs

What did he win?
Economically? Russias economy hit rock bottom. The “strong” ruble is artificially stablized by reserves. That bubble will not pop, it will implode. People already are in trouble to get daily things. Fake burgers are just a propaganda tool.
Politically? Russia is outlawed by most countries on a global level. Their government gambled away the last reputation they had. They are seen as unreliable, thiefs and liers now. As fascists. And “friend” China can’t wait to raid for spoils.
Militarily? Russia lost between 60,000 and 80,000 soldiers in their “special operation”. How many might they lose in a real war? Thousands of their vehicles are blown up or left behind after being crippled. They lost many more than the people they tried to overrun. The Ukrainian forces were prepared. Russias army ran on former glory. Militarily this a a desaster for Russia and the biggest disgrace for troops in history.