People Who Had Only One Simple Job, But Still Failed

Why don’t any of the libs on here brag about all of Biden’s wonderful accomplishments?
Oh—That’s right— He doesn’t have any other than not soiling his pants yet today.
Apparently Trump isn’t on Ghislaine Maxwell’s list or they would have released it right away. They don’t talk about Hunter’s laptop either even though “the big guy” was in cahoots with China. So what do they talk about??? Trump, who hasn’t been president for a while, but they got nothin’ else. It’s called distraction. Magicians use it all the time. They get you too look at one hand so you don’t notice what’s going on in the other hand. The reason libs are so pissed on here is that they elected a senile loser and don’t want to admit it. No one likes to admit they’re clueless.