Low Budget Celebrity Look-a-Likes Spotted In The Wild

HI, my name is Donald, the legitimet President of the United States
Having nominated federal judges as well as for the Supreme Court
is going to pay bonuses for me and the family. They all owe me big
time favors.
I may have to start an exercise program, I’ve put on a bit of pork
around my usually flat tummy. I tried a diet, but that was a disaster.
Love my food, food is to be savoured. Not like that crap you get at
a communal food bank.
Had quite the argument with a colleague the other day. He said
a doughnut is spelled “doughnut”, I corrected him and spelled it
correctly for him, “donut”. He got all snotty with me, some people
are exhausting!
Gotta go, busy, busy, busy.