Is It? Maybe… Probably… Who Knows…

much better than the Russian asset conman who tantrums like a baby even two years after losing the election – Biden might not be the best president – but any warm body would be better than the Russian apologists on the right – the ones fighting to keep prescription drug prices high – turning away from science – quarreling with Mickey Mouse and Big Bird –

At least dems have a plan – you can critique the plan – but republicans don’t have an alternative to solve anything – just rile people up against the already ostracized segments of our society. Republicans lack depth and substance in any respect on any issue – they see the world in black and white terms – there are no gray areas of society – they simplify everything to its base level because they do not have the ability to think for themselves. They jump at conspiracy theories without any proof or evidence like lemmings off of a cliff. A party of zombies used like fodder at the polls. They vehemently defend policies that hurt their own constituents at the thought of ‘owning the libs’ – they are master’s of the self-own.