How Good Are You at Power Point?

As for the comment about Trump leaving his Abscess voluntarily, I have a few points.

1. Your entire comment makes no sense.

2. Trump was rich before he entered politics. He donated his entire presidential salary every year he was in office. He actually lost money by becoming president compared to what he could have earned without becoming president. Yet you think you are superior because you help elect people who didn’t become rich until AFTER they entered politics. Great choice, Einstein! By the way, did you notice that Trump backed people kicked ass during the recent primaries? Did you know that Latinos are moving to the republican party in large numbers because most of them entered the country legally and now see hundreds of thousands just walking in?

3. You are one of those people who are not only clueless…but you can’t wait to prove to others how clueless you actually are!

4. I realize you like politicians who constantly tell you that it’s not your fault that your are an unhappy loser in life, but convince you to put the blame on people who aren’t instead. That makes you feel better while still being able to continue to be a slacker loser, without having to do anything to improve yourself. You hide behind your lame-ass-blame-game excuse instead.

5.By the way. If you are one the the “enlightened” idiots who who insist on “My body—my choice”, then why don’t you believe in “My student loan—My student loan payments”?

6. I know several people who paid outrageous college fees because they watched too much TV and were naive enough to think that for some reason, the country needed several million CSI investigators. Unless you graduated at the very tippy-top of your class, knew somebody, and/or worked your way up from the bottom, you pissed all your tuition away, Don’t expect others to pay for your basic lack of common sense with our tax dollars. Maybe you should expect us to pay for a more valuable degree, like “Gender Studies”. I understand the local “Gender Studies” factory is hiring right now. Go for it!