Having a Brain Is Overrated

Hi, my name is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
Friday, finally what a week. May have to throw one of my kids under
the bus. Probably the girl, she has a rich husband who can afford the
lawyer fees. (just been us, you can hire one of those vulture lawyers,
but that doesn’t me you gotta pay him).
Can hardly wait, the limo is picking me up soon to take me to TGIF.
I like to get there early before happy hour to get a good table close
to the buffet. Hot Chicken wings, and deep fried cheese balls, double
Chicken wings, even the so called buffalo wings are small, maybe
use turkey wings, or maybe Canada Goose wings. I’ll bet even a fat
glutton could not eat more than six. If this idea catches on maybe,
(I really mean definitely) they could slip me a few bucks for such a
grand idea.
Gotta go James (not his real name) is here with the limo.