Finally! 2023 Irish Farmer Calendar Is Here!

Hi, my name is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
Well folks I’m still up north doing amazing work. Being around northern
people is a big relief. Not to complain, but there are really a lot of crazy,
and deranged religious zealots down in the south. Some of the crazies
down there call me a Yankee carpet beggar; whatever that means.
Big week coming up, more rallies, more $$ donations coming my way.
Cost of living is going up. So far this hasn’t effected me or the family,
but must be aware.
Hey, what do you people think of my latest brilliant thought; we annex
Canada then send all are trouble makers up there to freeze in the dark.
Room for millions.
Well gotta go, “Moi” needs a little snackie.