A Serious Question Regarding Religion

Sorry mate…. life is actually rather simple in certain ways. No god can ever save you from the harsh competition of the human and/or animal nature of this world. If people around you don’t like you – you’re pretty much done in this “game”.
Religion helps to control/support our fragile minds, which often find it hard to grow up and face the rough nature of the planet’s biological life. It takes two to tango, and we’re not well off alone – that’s why it helps to be social and remind each other to behave and survive in some responsible and constructive way.

I still believe that there is some kind of hope for us… no matter what we believe in, how we look, where we come from, and so on. Just look at silly me, writing to random people on the internet…. when I’m actually trying to cope with my feelings surrounding my father, being at the hospital with a fried brain because of years of alcohol abuse. But I have family around.. which I find more important than some book, written by – someone.

Luckily we live in a more “awake” world, with less spooky superstitious beliefs, where we actually confront ourselves with reality, rather than made up stories. Let us evolve… not dwell in the past – but merely learn from it. Peace :o)