9 Ramdom Shower Thoughts by the 9GAG community

> Ever wonder how many random strangers you have seen on the last day of their lives? [**rushtonville2**](
> You never actually watched a full movie, because you blink. [**samchooo**](
> If a baby is born deaf and blind, in which language would they think? [**brayant202020**](
> A dick is a fountain of life. [**potato\_tomato\_0**](
> If drugs arent allowed in sports why is makeup allowed in beauty contests? [**ugwrayne**](
> Senior centers are basically reversed orphanages. [**cutezeepie**](
> If anything is possible. Is it possible that something can be impossible? [**smuridley**](
> 5 in 6 people find russian roulette completely harmless. [**i\_love\_you_3000**](
> Your belly button is just your old mouth. [**crazyzee**](
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